7 Must-Visit Seaside Sights in Pingtung, Southern Taiwan

7 Must-Visit Seaside Sights in Pingtung, Southern Taiwan
Photo Credit: Pingtung County Government

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The sea is perhaps Pingtung's greatest attraction. As the summer travel season arrives, here are some must-see seaside vistas.

The beach and the ocean are often the first things people associate with the word "holiday." When it comes to holidays in Taiwan, Pingtung is definitely the first choice. With the unique oceanic setting and perennially sunny climate, Pingtung is perfect for visiting all year round. Just looking over at the boundless ocean often has the power to fully relax and wash away all worries. The distinctive laidback southern charm and fine beaches in Pingtung also add to its appeal as Taiwan’s top holiday destination.

This is an infinitely pleasurable side of Pingtung that no one should miss out on. So, whatever you do, do make sure your sojourn in the region also includes a visit to the seaside.

南灣 South Bay | Hengchun Township, Pingtung County

Photo Credit: Pingtung County Government

With its mesmerizing golden beach and clear dark blue water, South Bay (also known as Blue Bay) is the most popular beach in Kenting. Whether you’re trying your hand at exhilarating watersports, mingling with the beach crowds, or doing some laidback lazing under a beach umbrella, South Bay is always the place to be.

小巴里島灘岩 Little Bali Beach Rock | Hengchun Township, Pingtung County

Photo Credit: Pingtung County Government

As the name implies, Little Bali is a coral reef rock that lies on a beach. With the various sections having different heights and depths, it’s very much like stepping into a fascinating water labyrinth. The topographical variability and scale of this reef also create breathtaking underwater views, not to mention the large number of tropical fish that keep explorers, snorkelers, and bathers company.

In order to avoid injuries by the rocks, make sure to wear comfortable full-covered shoes and clothing while watching every step.

萬里桐 Wanlitong | Hengchun Township, Pingtung County

Photo Credit: Pingtung County Government

Some distance from downtown Kenting lies Wanlitong. Though the place is just a small fishing village, its pristine blue seas, innocent purity, and serenity, ensure a venue that’s anything but ordinary. Blessed with abundant biodiversity, Wanlitong’s another local diving and snorkeling mecca.

大鵬灣國家風景區 Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area | Donggang Township, Pingtung County

Photo Credit: Pingtung County Government

Dapeng Bay is the only one-inlet lagoon in Taiwan. With its unique natural environment and wetland eco-engineering, the rich diversity of plants and animals becomes one of the features in the Dapeng Bay. Dapeng Bay Bridge is the first draw bridge in Taiwan. Visitors can enjoy the "bridge-opening shows" on weekends and holidays.

後灣 Back Bay | Checheng Township, Pingtung County

Photo Credit: Pingtung County Government

Somewhat different from the bustling South Bay, Back Bay is a quiet and beautiful little fishing village neighboring the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. Whether enjoying its shimmering sunrises or glowing sunsets, Back Bay's brisk west wind makes it the perfect place to unwind and clear one’s mind.

Back Bay’s stunning sea cave is well worth a visit, and a guided tour with the Hengchun Fossil Ecological Office is highly recommended.

星砂灣 Star Sand Bay | Hengchun Township, Pingtung County

Photo Credit: Pingtung County Government

Although the "star sand" itself is not as abundant as it once was, this tranquil, azure bay still holds ample charm for visitors. A gentle reminder for those lucky enough to wish upon Star Sand Bay: leave with your fond memories and all your refuse, so that we may all cherish this beautiful beach together for many years to come.

龍磐公園 Longpan Park | Hengchun Township, Pingtung

Photo Credit: Pingtung County Government

From Cape Eluanbi, head north along the east coast on the Jia-E Highway towards Fongchueisha, and you should come across Longpan ("Dragon Rock") Park ─ a vast grassland right at the seaside. From this sweeping Pacific prairie, one can track the distant twists, turns, and steep cliffs of the coastline. In addition, one can embrace both the splendid colors at sunrise, as well as the wonder of boundlessly starry night skies.

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