New Power Party (NPP) Chairman Chiu Hsien-chih (邱顯智) announced his resignation today at a press conference.

During the press conference, Chiu stated two main reasons for his decision to resign. He said he regretted over Freddy Lim's (林昶佐) departure from NPP despite his efforts in uniting the different voices within the party. He also took responsibility for the party's damaged reputation over the recent scandal about NPP legislator Kawlo Iyun Pacidal (高潞以用), who was accused of abusing her influence to obtain government funding.

"Obviously, my efforts have failed to convince our party members and facilitate effective dialogue between the different opinions in the party. I feel extremely regretful and I should bear the political responsibility for my failures," Chiu said to the press.

Chiu wished his successor, though not yet named, to finish the work he has left off and lead the NPP to win the 2020 elections.

The NPP called for a press conference today on short notice, stating that it was for "an important announcement." NPP spokesperson Lee Chou-li (李兆立) said he was unaware of the press content before the conference, but only that Chiu was going to attend.

An hour after Chiu's announcement of his resignation, Lim responded that he respected Chiu's decision and denied the possibility of rejoining the party. He said, however, he would be open to collaborating with NPP members who share his values.

"It's normal for a young political party to have different voices. It's always been tough to gather all these thoughts to reach a consensus. I wish them the best, whether it's Chiu or his successor for the NPP," Lim said.

Last week, Chiu had just met with the Democratic Progress Party (DPP) Chairman Cho Jung-tai (卓榮泰) to discuss an alliance between the two parties. After the meeting, Chiu wrote on his Facebook that he supports President Tsai Ing-wen in running for re-election, but reiterated the importance for the DPP to fulfill its campaign promises like passing the minimum wage law and the whistleblower protection act.

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TNL Editor: Brian Hioe (@thenewslensintl)

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