Devotion, a horror video game developed by Taiwanese company Red Candle Games, has been removed from games distribution platform Steam in the wake of a boycott from Chinese gamers over an image said to mock Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Red Candle Games said in a Facebook post it had pulled the game due to “technical issues,” saying the game would return after undergoing a quality check, while referencing the controversy surrounding the offending in-game artwork.

“We’d like to take this opportunity to ease the heightened pressure in our community resulting from our previous Art Material Incident. Our team would also review our game material once again making sure no other unintended materials were inserted in,” the statement reads.

Red Candle apologized on Monday for images within the game showing an ancient Taoist wall scribble containing the Chinese characters “Xi Jinping, Little Bear Winnie” – the Chinese name of Winnie the Pooh. Another in-game scene contains references to “baozi” – apparently referring to the nickname “Steamed Bun Xi,” which has been censored in China in the past.

Red Candle said the images had been added by a single developer without others noticing it.

“This is not the position of Red Candle and this is not the intention of Devotion,” Red Candle said in a Sunday statement on its Facebook page. “We are deeply sorry for hurting everybody.”


Credit: 寶路總裁 / Facebook

Screenshot of Chang An-le falling into a coffin.

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