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Roy Ngerng on the Minimum Wage

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Roy Ngerng, a researcher and fair wage advocate, has written extensively on Taiwan's minimum wage. His work amounts to a comprehensive case for raising the minimum wage, which he shows to be too low for Taiwan's cost of living, too low by international standards, and increasing at a rate too slow to alleviate these problems. We are honored to collect and present his work here.

Taiwan: Stories of Return

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Many have sought to understand the pandemic year return of the diaspora to Taiwan. How would they benefit Taiwan’s economy? Would they stay? Less attention has been paid to what this means on a personal level for those involved. Here, we reflect on what it means to return — or to not be able to — and what this reverse exodus means for Taiwan.

Myanmar’s Protest Movement

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From Aye Minh Thant’s groundbreaking report on the day of the coup February 1, to transnational perspectives from Kirsten Han in Singapore and Bryan Chou in Taiwan, we bring together a selection of our coverage of the protest movement in Myanmar.
The cash stimulus payments issued by many governments during the Covid-19 pandemic have given new life to calls for a universal basic income (UBI) — unconditional, sustained cash payments. Does UBI have a home in Taiwan? Since Taiwan has avoided calamity from Covid-19, major stimulus wasn’t seen as necessary. But economic stability could be all the more reason to think big about addressing social inequality. Here we evaluate the possibility of launching a UBI program in Taiwan.

What Kind of Country Does Taiwan Want To Be?

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Because of its Covid-19 success, Taiwan is on the radar of so many seeking to relocate. Taiwan’s government, too, is interested in drawing more immigrants to the country with programs like the Employment Gold Card. Yet barriers to a fair and just system remain, like low wages and bureaucratic processes. The most glaring of all is the inhumane treatment of migrant workers from Southeast Asia. This series introduces and evaluates recent reforms — and calls attention to the question at the root of immigration debates: What kind of country does Taiwan want to be?