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Why Are Experts Concerned About Giant Isopod Ramen?

While fans wonder what the giant creature tastes like, experts worry the fad would encourage deep-sea trawling, which devastates seabeds.


Labor Rights Groups Protest Against Plan To Hire More Migrant Workers

Labor rights groups say the government’s plan to hire an additional 28,000 migrant workers will exacerbate exploitation.


Phihong and Vinpower join hands to seize the fast-charging market opportunity with GaN technology at Computex 2023


This year, Phihong will unveil the 330W GaN gaming laptop power supply at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023.


Bones of Contention: Should Dinosaur Skeletons Be Auctioned?

The sale of a T-Rex specimen at a Zurich auction illustrates a conflict between commercial interests and public access to natural heritage, says Lara Sciscio, researcher at the Swiss museum JURASSICA.

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