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Hope For Climate But Too Little Progress On Renewables

A new analysis of renewable energy alternatives reveals mixed progress in transitioning away from fossil fuels.


Taiwan Government’s Response to Anti-Indian Workers Speech Is Inadequate

Racism in Taiwan sparked controversy after the government announced an agreement to bring in Indian workers.


The 2023 Taoyuan FuturePeak Youth Innovation Expo is underway, featuring 120 youth Startup from seven counties and cities in northern Taiwan showcasing their creativity.


Taoyuan City Government’s Youth Affairs Department held the “Taoyuan FuturePeak Youth Innovation Expo” on November 21 at the Taoyuan International Airport MRT A18 Station. Mayor of Taoyuan City, Shan-Zheng Zhang, attended the event and expressed his hopes that the participating youth Startup will become the future leaders and role models of Taiwan.


Italy Tells China It's Leaving Belt and Road Initiative

Italy becomes first country to exit China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) since its launch in 2013. Rome cites lack of economic benefits and concerns over Chinese influence.

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